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The Loss of a Pet

The loss of your beloved pet can often feel like the loss of a child, or your best friend!  Sometimes our family and friends don't understand the pain and grief we are feeling. Pet Directory is proud to present its pet memorial and tribute page where you can share your pet’s story with people who appreciate the way your loss is affecting you.

Quite often people remember something amazing or very special about their pet when they are going through their grief.  It's good to write that down, just as some have done in the following wonderful books.

You already know dogs are healers and loving companions, but did you know they also serve as matchmakers, lifesavers, prisoner rehabilitation specialists, parent trainers, hospital welcoming committees, advice columnists, and afterlife ambassadors? The true stories in Angel Dogs celebrate the deep and ancient connection between people and dogs and will inspire you to live up to the divine example of our canine companions.


True stories about a feline friend helping a man get his “purr” back, a cat miraculously protecting and comforting a young girl during the Holocaust, a mother-daughter cat team serving as a woman′s heart specialists, sister cats coaxing a major league baseball player through a losing season, and a cat named Cuddles who writes her own advice column. Angel Cats proves that cats are as compassionate as they are curious.


To purchase one or both of these titles, visit

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