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Popular Pet Birds

African Grey Parrot

The African Grey Parrot is one of the most intelligent and talkative companion parrots. This native of Western and Central Africa is a total joy to have around.


Budgies - Budgerigars - also known as parakeets, are the most colorful of the small parrots. They are inexpensive and a joy to own.


Canaries are native of the Spanish Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco and have been a favorite cage bird since the 16th century.


Cockatiels are a wonderful affectionate bird which has been a very popular cage bird for many years.


The cockatoo is one of the most recognized of parrots with it's beautiful headcrest and white feathers. They are mostly native to Australia and surrounding islands.


Lorikeets are brightly feathered parrots from Australia and the pacific islands. But unlike other parrots they do not eat seeds, they eat a liquid diet of nectar, fruits and vegetables.


Lovebirds feisty, colorful little African parrots. They come in a nice variety of colors and mutations from peach-faced to black-masked and all kinds of colors in between.


There are over 22 species of macaws and they are the most beautiful of the parrots. When most people think of parrots they think of these South American beauties.

Ringneck Parakeets

Ringneck Parakeets are beautiful jewel colored birds from Africa and Asia who are wonderful companion birds rich in intelligence and in ability to talk.

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