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Ferrets are intelligent, curious, playful, persistent, inventive, fun to be around and they take good care of you!

They are all individuals with different personalities. They also like to steal loose objects and disorganise parts of your home, especially house plants.

Ferrets are not like a cat or a dog by any means.  They won't be content to stay in their cage all the time.  Ferrets need to interact with the entire family.  If you want to adopt ferrets you MUST be prepared to devote an allotted amount of time to them.   With a playmate, they are capable of entertaining themselves quite nicely if you are busy.  While out of their cage they will look out for one another while exploring and hiding everything you have no desire for them to hide.

Ferrets are a big responsibility and can require expensive medical treatments and surgeries.  Please do your research (and make sure you have funds available for medical care)  before purchasing or adopting a ferret.

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