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Fish Names

The following are the top most popular fish names used and their meanings:


ABELIA:  French, from Hebrew feminine form of Abel, "breath; sigh." 

ADARA:  Greek name meaning "beauty." 

ALEXANDER:  "defender of mankind." 

AMARYLLIS: Greek name meaning "to sparkle."

ASTRID:  From Old Norse name meaning "divinely beautiful."


BELLE: French name meaning "beautiful." 

BIDDY: "strong."

BONNIE: Scottish name meaning "pretty."

BROOKE:  Old English place name meaning "small stream." 

BRIDGET: Irish/Gaelic name meaning "strength; power." 


CHANDRA: Hindi "moon."

CHERIE: French name meaning "dear one."

CILLA: A diminutive of Priscilla, "ancient."

CLAIRE: French form of Latin name Clara, "bright."

CRYSTAL:  Greek name meaning "ice." 


DAVINA: Scottish feminine form of David, "favorite." 

DAWN:  From ordinary word, usually said to mean "awakening."

DELILAH: Biblical name meaning "delight."

DILYS: Welsh name meaning "genuine" or "sincere."

DULCIE: Latin name meaning "sweet."


EILEEN:  Irish name meaning "shining." 

ENID:  Welsh name meaning "soul."

ESMERALDA:  Spanish name meaning "emerald."

ESTELLE:  French form of Stella, "star." 

EVE:  Biblical name meaning "life." 


FAY:  Old French name meaning "fairy."

FIDELIA:  Latin name meaning "faithful."

FIONA:  Irish/Gaelic name meaning "fair."

FLEUR:  From standard French word for "flower."

FLORENCE:  Latin name meaning "blossoming." 


GENEVIEVE:  Old German name meaning "white wave."

GILLIAN:  Latin name meaning "youthful."

GLENYS:  Welsh name meaning "holy." 

GRETCHEN:  German diminutive form of Margaret, "little pearl."

GWYNETH:  Welsh name meaning "happiness." 


HAIDEE:  From Greek word meaning "modest."

HEBE:  Greek name meaning "young."

HELENA:  Latin form Helen, "light."

HERMIONE:  Greek name meaning "earthly." 

HYPATIA:  Greek name meaning "highest."


IDA:  Old English name meaning "prosperous."

INGRID:  Scandinavian name meaning "fair; beautiful."

IOLANTHE:  Greek name meaning "violet flower."

IRIS:  Greek name meaning "rainbow."

ISOLDE:  Possibly a Welsh name meaning "fair lady."


JEMIMA:  Biblical name meaning "wild dove."

JENNA:  Latin form of Jenny, "white and smooth."

JILL:  Variant of Gill, "youthful." 

JOCASTA:  Greek name meaning either "light-hearted"

JOCELYN:  Old German name meaning "cheerful." 


KATE:  Diminutive of Catherine and Katharine, "pure." 

KEZIAH:  Biblical name meaning "cassia."

KIM:  "From the royal fortress meadow." 

KIRSTY:  Scottish diminutive of Christine, "anointed." 

KYLIE:  Australian name, "a narrow spit of land."


LARA:  Diminutive of Russian name Larissa, meaning "cheerful."

LAURA:  Latin name meaning "victory."

LEAH:  Biblical name meaning "weary." 

LEILA:  Arabic name meaning "night." 

LINDA:  Spanish name meaning "pretty." 


MAISIE:  Diminutive of Margaret, "pearl." 

MANDY:  Diminutive of Amanda, "worthy of love."

MARINA:  Feminine form of Roman clan name meaning "of the sea."

MARTHA:  Biblical name meaning "lady." 

MERIEL:  A variant of Muriel, "sea-bright."


NADIA:  Diminutive of Russian name Nadezhda, "hope."

NAOMI:  Biblical name meaning "my delight."

NANCY:  Diminutive of Ann, "grace; favor." 

NERINE:  Greek name meaning "sea nymph." 

NINA:  Russian diminutive of Antonina, "priceless."


ODETTE:  Feminine diminutive of Old French name Oda, "prosperity."

OLGA:  Russian feminine form of Oleg, "holy,"

OPHELIA:  Apparently feminine of Greek Ophelos, "profit; help."

ORIANA:  Latin name meaning "dawn" or "sunrise."

ORINTHIA:  Greek name meaning "to excite."


PANDORA:  Greek name meaning "many gifted."

PATRICIA:  Feminine form of Latin Patricius, "noble." 

PHILOMELA:  Greek name meaning "nightingale."

PHILOMENA:  Greek name meaning "strength-loving"

PHOEBE:  Greek name meaning "bright; brilliant."


QUEENIE:  Diminutive of nickname "Queen."


RAMONA:  Feminine form of Spanish Ramon, "wise defender."

REBECCA:  Biblical name meaning "joined."

REGINA:  Latin name meaning "queen." 

RENÉE:  French feminine of René, "reborn."

ROSEMARY:  Latin name meaning "dew of the sea."


SANDY:  Diminutive of Alexandra or Sandra, "defender of mankind."

SARAH:  Biblical name meaning "princess." 

SELINA:  Name of Greek goddess of the moon.

SHIRLEY:  From Old English place name, "bright meadow." 

STACY:  Diminutive of Anastasia, "resurrection."


TANSY:  Greek name meaning "immortality." 

THEA:  Diminutive form of Dorothea, "gift from God."

THELMA:  Greek name meaning "will" or "wish."

TONI:  Diminutive of Antonia, "priceless."

TRIXIE:  Diminutive of Beatrix, "she who makes happy." 


UDELE:  Old English name meaning "wealthy."

ULA:  Celtic name meaning "Gem of the sea." 

ULIMA:  Arabic name meaning "wise."

UNITY:  Middle English name meaning "oneness."

URANIA:  Greek name meaning "heavenly." 


VALENTINA:  Latin name meaning "strong."

VERA:  Russian name meaning "faith." 

VERITY:  Latin name meaning "truth."

VERNA:  Latin name meaning "springtime."

VIDA:  Diminutive of Davida, "loved one." 


WANETTA:  Old English name meaning "pale-skinned."

WENDY:  A literary name, "fair bow." 

WHITNEY:  Female adoption of male name Whitney, "from the white island."

WILMA:  Diminutive of Wilhelmina, "resolute protector."

WINIFRED:  Welsh name meaning "holy reconciliation." 


XANTHE:  Greek name meaning "yellow." 

XAVIERA:  Feminine equivalent of Xavier, "new house." 

XENIA:  Greek name meaning "welcoming." 

XYLIA:  Greek name meaning "from the woods." 


YASMIN:  A variant of Jasmine, "jasmine flower." 

YNEZ:  Spanish equivalent of Agnes, "pure."

YOLANDE:  Greek name meaning "violet flower." 

YVETTE:  Diminutive of French male name Yves, "little archer."

YVONNE:  French name meaning "yew wood." 


ZARA:  Arabic name meaning "flower," or "princess." 

ZERLINDA:  Hebrew and Spanish name meaning "beautiful dawn."

ZOE:  Greek name meaning "life." 

ZORA:  A Slavic name meaning "light of dawn." 

ZULEIKA:  Persian name meaning "brilliant beauty." 

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