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Snakes are fascinating, and with regular handling can be quite tame. However, snakes are obviously not for everyone. They have unique care and handling requirements and should only be kept by those with the commitment to understand and meet their needs. Also, some grow very large and can be dangerous, so any potential snake owner needs to carefully research snakes before acquiring one.

The most common snakes kept by enthusiasts are the many and varied constrictor species (boas, pythons, rat and milk snakes, etc.), and the racer, gopher and garter species.  The husbandry and dietary requirements for these types of snakes vary considerably.  Furthermore, some of the same species (notably the boa constrictors and pythons) reach very large sizes in captivity, and their considerable space requirements must be anticipated.

You should consider all the precautions and care requirements of owning a snake carefully before adding one to your family.


Turtles are interesting pets to have. They are prehistoric looking with the most obvious characteristic being the house they carry on their back, the shell. They are long-lived creatures, their have been many records set on how long turtles can live. Some can live up to 80 to 100 years. So you may be embarking on a long commitment.

Be sure to know the needs of the animal before you buy. If you buy a tortoise, which is less common than turtles, you need to know that they prefer dry land and are never in wet areas. Turtles can be illegal in some states. They are often sold illegally at reptile shows and flea markets. Pet stores in general can only sell you a legal turtle because many are bound by the laws of the USDA. You should never take one from the wild. It is important not to do so because not only can the turtle be aggressive since it has never been tamed, but they can also carry diseases.

The most common turtles are amphibious. They live on land and also in water. This is important when you are setting up your enclosure. An aquarium works well as long as it is large enough. It is recommended to get a 29 gallon tank or larger. Turtles can be lively and need to have as much room for swimming as possible.

Turtles can be an interesting pet to keep. With the proper attention to their needs they can be a pet that is part of your family for a long time.

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