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Scorpions as pets

Scorpions are fascinating, ancient creatures which, regardless of their country of origin all share the same morphology (look the same) with the now famous curled up stinging tail and large front claws.

All scorpions contain a sting in their tail and the strength of the venom varies incredibly between species. The ones kept as pets tend to have the weakest stings and it can be compared to something like a wasp sting or hornet sting - still not something you want to be stung by!

There are a few scorpions such as the Australian Androctonus australis which can prove fatal and should be avoided at all costs. If you intend keeping scorpions as pets make sure they are the safe ones.

There are around 1400 - 1500 hundred known species of carnivorous scorpions in the world, mostly they come from desert regions and tropical rainforests but they are also found in cooler climates including the UK.

Scorpions which are commonly kept as pets tend to be from tropical rainforests as these are the largest, most impressive and generally speaking less venomous types. Most of the 'pet scorpions' live for several years in captivity, 5 years+ not being uncommon.

Commonly kept pet scorpions include the Emperor or Imperial Scorpion (Pandinus imperator) which is native to tropical forests of West Africa and can also be found lurking deep inside termite mounds. It is a jet black monster which can reach 6+ inches long! Thankfully this species is fairly docile and reluctant to strike at you unless provoked.

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